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Required Courses

Rotman offers PhD level courses specifically created to provide you with the methodological and theoretical training required for exceptional research in your field. Required courses are chosen to provide the maximum benefit to your academic development.

Not all courses are offered each year/ each semester. Check with the PhD Office at for courses schedule information.

For a listing of courses across all areas please see here.

Theory fundamentals

• ECO 2020: Microeconomics I
• ECO 2030: Microeconomics II
• SOC 6001: Sociological Theory
• SOC 6008: Social Networks I
• RSM 3002: Strategy and Organizations: Survey course on literature from organization theory and sociology relevant to strategy.
View 2014-2015 Course Outline
• RSM 3003: Strategy and Economics: Survey course on literature from economics relevant to strategy.
View 2015-2016 Course Outline

Other required courses in Strategy 

In addition to RSM 3002 and RSM 3003, the strategy area offers a variety of required "topics" courses (RSM 3091) on a rotating basis. Examples of courses that might be offered include:
International Strategy
Alliances and Networks
Technology Strategy and Innovation View 2014-2015 Course Outline
Geography and Strategy
Formal Foundations of Strategy Process
Economic Sociology & Strategy View 2015-2016 Course Outline 

Methodological training

ECO 1011: Math Stat Review
ECO 2400: Econometrics 1
ECO 2401: Econometrics 11
RSM 3090: Models and Methods This course introduces students with a hands-on introduction into how to apply the statistical techniques they learn in their econometrics courses to real world data. Together with other methods courses, it will prepare students for doing independent empirical research. Offered in the spring of every second year.
View 2015-2016 Course Outline
RSM 3080: Research Methods in Business This course is taken by all second year Rotman PhD students. It is designed to introduce students to research methods used in business research and to expose them to research across different fields within the business school.

Depth courses

Together with their sponsors and the Ph.D. coordinator, students select an additional four courses tailored to their specific research interests. Except in unusual circumstances, the expectation is that three of these four courses would have either an economics or an organizational/sociological orientation. Depending on their specialization, other courses in the related disciplines that might interest students would include:

ECO 2900: Industrial Organization I
ECO 2901: Industrial Organization II
ECO 2503: Financial Economics I
ECO 2504: Financial Economics II
ECO 2300: International Trade
ECO 3504: International Trade Regulations
SOC 6012: Sociology of Work
SOC 6312: Technology and Society
LAW 2431: Law, Institutions and Development
RSM 3005: Strategy workshop: Every other week, the area invites world class scholars to present their research to the Rotman faculty and students. In addition, on weeks when there is no outside speaker scheduled, PhD students will have the opportunity to present work-in-progress to each other (and to the Strategy workshop coordinator). Doctoral students should attend the seminars throughout their tenure in the PhD program and are also expected to present in the student workshop once per year. First year students audit the workshop; after their first year, they must enrol in the workshop for credit.

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